Who Am I

My professional career started at the Edinburgh Fringe in the mid-eighties when I formed the comedy double act The Rubber Bishops with my school mate Bill Bailey. After a few years, I wanted to move into other areas of acting so left the Bishops where my vacancy was filled by the excellent Martin Stubbs.

In Bath, I was one of the founding members of Paul Z Jackson's comedy Improvisation troupe More Fool Us alongside Rob Brydon, Ruth Jones, Julia Davies and others. Around this time I became more active on BBC radio, becoming a regular on shows like the Treatment, It's Been A Bad Week and Weekending where I stayed for 5 years.
"A terrific natural comedian"
- Bill Bailey
During a return to the Edinburgh Fringe with a group called the Improfessionals, I received the call to join the RSC, so I dropped everything and spent the best part of the next two years performing in plays such as Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet and The Merry Wives Of Windsor with Leslie Phillips as Falstaff. From there, I joined the company at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester where I performed a number of parts, including Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird.
Throughout this time I continued to work on the radio, performing in sitcoms like Rent with Barbara Flynn and Patrick Barlow, Any Other Business with Jan Ravens and June Whitfield and The (almost) Accidental Adventures of Bell and Todd also with June Whitfield and my good friend Matthew Bell. Also on radio at this time I began my long relationship with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, appearing as Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz and Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged amongst others.

When I performed in the live shows later, I also took on the role of Slartibartfast.
On television I have appeared in shows such as Barbara, Extras, The IT crowd, Not Going Out, Nighty Night, Father Brown, Skins and The Wright Way.
I have made many short films, including Gimp, directed by Ina Lünders; White, directed by David Moya and Early One Morning directed by Ben Johnson. During the first lockdown I directed my own short film Deep Deeper Deepest. My feature film work includes Lott Dod and Gragra in Star Wars The Phantom Menace and a very unfortunate good Samaritan in Four Lions.
In the world of audio drama, I have worked with Big Finish for many years, getting the opportunity to act alongside almost every Doctor Who. It was with Big Finish I got to inhabit one of my favourite roles, that of Judge Dredd, in many full cast audio drama and in audiobooks.
My audiobook career began in the late  nineties with BBC Audiobooks where I narrated The Water Mirror by Kai Meyer. Since then, I have recorded hundreds of books in all sorts of categories. For Games Workshop I have been delighted to perform both in their full cast audio dramas and in their range of Black Library Audiobooks.

I can be heard in many computer games, notably Tropico 5 and 6,Chicken Police-Paint it Red, Amnesia-a Machine for Pigs, Mutropolis and Horizon Zero Dawn.

"Toby Longworth is an undiscovered jewel..."
- Rob Brydon
My most recent appearances have been:
On stage, Present Laughter with Sam West for Bath Theatre Royal.
On Television, Ant and Dec on their Saturday Takeaway show.
On radio, Looking For Oil Drum Lane about the creation of Steptoe and Son.

Toby Longworth