Snatched (audio CD)

A great narrator can enliven a mediocre story, which is the case with SNATCHED! Even a listener with a seasoned ear for British regional accents must be impressed with Toby Longworth's ability to create unique individuals using only his voice. As the book follows a circus troupe through nineteenth-century England, Longworth carries the listener along with the adventures of Daniel, born in the lion's cage, who gets caught up in plots and intrigue involving kidnapping, arson, and betrayal. The story could be a lesser chapter in a Dickens novel, but this narrator elevates it to a suspenseful tale with vocal nuance and a high sense of drama. - Audiofile Magazine

Matter (Iain M Banks)

'You can, if you must, draw clever comparisons between the conflicts in Matter and what's happening in Iraq. Or you can just sit back and listen to Toby Longworth's tongue-in-cheek reading of a very funny book' - Daily Express

"He was superb and hit the right notes exactly. Charming to work with, very accommodating and helpful, great pace and got the crowd going." - Club Mirror Awards, Nov 08

 Judge Dredd bows out of audio in fine style.

 Solo is the last, for the present at least, in Big Finish's series of 2000AD-related audio dramas. It's a real shame - the range deserved to do a lot better. Their writing was top quality and the performances were excellent, especially leads Toby Longworth as Dredd and Simon Pegg as Johnny Alpha. - BBC (cult television)

The Dreaming Void - Peter F Hamilton

The audio CD is the first of Peter's books to be released in this format (at least in the UK). It's also the first time I've listened to an audio book properly, although I have heard some sections of other in the past. Toby Longworth does an incredible job with the reading, pitching it just right to keep it interesting and giving the characters all individual voices and personalities. It really is a great way to enjoy The Dreaming Void on the move - in fact it's a great way to enjoy it anywhere. -

Thunder from Fenris (audiobook)

For those who dont know (as I note, theres been some confusion over this in some quarters), Thunder from Fenris is a totally brand new AUDIO BOOK from the Black Library about the savage Space Wolves. Its an original, stand-alone, all-new tale with our favourite sons of Fenris doing battle against zombies. Yes, you heard it folks, zombies. Performed by the excellent Tobey Longworth (of Heart of Rage fame, amongst a host of other things non-BL), some of the Space Wolf voices are so great theyll have you grabbing your frost-blade and furs, and stepping out into the ciy tundra. -

"Toby Longworth is an undiscovered jewel..funny, funny,funny." - Rob Brydon

Here Come The Judge

Great news from Big Finish! They returned in October to the world of Judge Dredd with 4 new adventures. Toby Longworth returns as Judge Dredd (as if anyone else could do a better job!) and Dr Who alumni Louise Jameson will feature in the fourth adventure as Judge Anderson! -

Heart of Rage (audiobook)

The story is read by Toby Longworth and directed by Lisa Bowerman, and I do think they manage to do a better job than their counterparts on Slayer of the Storm God - then again, Big Finish have a stronger background in SF than in fantasy. Toby's voice work is excellent: clear, emotive without ever becoming overexcited, and diverse enough to voice a wide range of characters convincingly. -


The final release in the 2000 AD series was a Judge Dredd play entitled Solo by Jonathan Clements, notable for star Toby Longworth voicing every single part through a combination of his own vocal dexterity and special effects. -

"A terrific natural comedian" - Bill Bailey

'One of the Country's finest comedic impressionists and comic actors. Recently he's appeared in Nighty Night for BBC2 has a role in the upcoming series of Extras  Provided a couple of voices for Star Wars Episode I  The Phantom Menace. And has list of radio appearances so long that youll have to Google him to get them!' -

Raven's Flight (audiobook)

Toby Longworth once again resumes his narrative duties... to give another great performance. Im running out of great things to say about Longworths work with the Black Library. Quite simply, heres a guy who can make you believe that youre listening to a whole group of people performing rather than just one. -

Bath Fringe Festival
We could then sit back and relax with the brilliant Toby Longworth. His was an act of pure improvisation, answering  or sometimes not  questions posed by the audience. Assured and engaging, his act was a mix of terrible jokes well told and surreal flights of fantasy, as he ad-libbed fluidly from an impersonation of a remote-controlled Gordon Brown to the idea of Bath MP Don Foster as a cocaine smuggler. Marvellous. - Jackie Chappell