CORPORATE - Voice of God

William Reed “Own Label” Awards 2014
CTP Awards 2014
Convenience Retail Awards 2014
Meat & Poultry Processing Awards 2014
Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2013
Butcher's Shop of the Year Awards 2013
Forecourt Trader of the Year Awards 2013
Baking Industry Awards 2013
SuperMeat & Fish Awards 2013
The Digital Awards 2013
Grocer Gold Awards 2013
Grocer Own Label Awards 2013
Meat & Poultry Processing Awards 2013
Convenience Retail Awards 2013
Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2012
William Reed Grocers MAP Awards 2012
Baking Industry Awards 2012
William Reed MAP Awards - 2011
The Grocer Gold Awards - 2011, 2nd year running
CIBSE Awards - 2011
GRAMIA (Grocery Advertising & Marketing) Awards - 2010
MPF European Practice Management Awards - 2010
Homes & Communities Awards - 2010
Baking Industry Awards - 2010
The Business Charity Awards - 2010
Grocer Gold Awards - 2010
The Marketing Society Awards - 2010
CHeRries Awards - 2010, Host
Convenience Retail Awards - 2010
Tha Campaign Big Awards - 2009
Event Awards 2009 - 2009
Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) Awards - 2009
D & AD Awards  2009
Mix Interiors Summer Ball  2009
Hotel Report Awards  2009
Royal Town Planning Institute - 2009
Club Mirror Awards - 2008
HW Garden Retail Awards - 2008
Farmers Weekly Awards - 2008
Regeneration and Renewal Awards - 2008
100 Years of British Aviation Dinner - 2008
2008 Grower of the Year Awards - 2008

Film and Television

Prisoner Zero (TV Series) 
Rogue: Part Two (2016) ... (voice)
Rogue: Part One (2016) ... (voice)
 2016Wasted (TV Series) 
Bondage Man
Episode #1.6 (2016) ... Bondage Man
 2016Boomers (TV Series) 
Murder Mystery (2016) ... Diego
 2016Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet (Video Game) 
Baron Widebeard (voice)
 2016Father Brown (TV Series) 
Uncle Mirth
The Crackpot of the Empire (2016) ... Uncle Mirth
 2015Castrati (Short) 
 2015Randal's Monday (Video Game) 
Phil / Thief / Hot Dog Vendor / ... (voice)
 2015Trine 3: The Artefacts of Power (Video Game) 
 2014Gherkins (Short) 
 2013-2014Not Going Out (TV Series) 
Wedding (2014) ... Paul
Rabbit (2013) ... Paul
 2014Risen 3: Titan Lords (Video Game) (voice)
 2014Sacred 3 (Video Game) 
Dark Elf (voice)
 2014Transformers Universe (Video Game) 
Drive-By (voice)
 2014Tropico 5 (Video Game) 
Penultimo (voice)
 2014Blackguards (Video Game) 
Naurim / Additional Voices (voice)
 2013Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse (Video Game) 
Waiter / Ronnie / Wilfred Hobbs / ... (voice)
 2013Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (Video Game) 
Oswald Mandus (voice)
 2012Electric Cinema: How to Behave (Short) 
Righteous Cat Man
 2012Stella (TV Series) 
Prosecution Solicitor
Episode #1.9 (2012) ... Prosecution Solicitor
 2011PhoneShop (TV Series) 
Daisy's Dad
Come Dine with We (2011) ... Daisy's Dad
 2011Tati's Hotel (TV Series) 
The Amazing Manfridi
Magician (2011) ... The Amazing Manfridi
 2011Gimp (Short) 
 2011The Real American: Joe McCarthy (Documentary) 
Walter Pforzheimer
 2010The Sarah Jane Adventures (TV Series) 
The Nightmare Man: Part 1 (2010) ... Slitheen (voice)
 2010Broken Sword: Director's Cut (Video Game) 
Plantard / Pierre Carchon / Ronnie (voice)
 2010Four Lions 
Heimlich Man
 2009Reggie Perrin (TV Series) 
Episode #1.4 (2009) ... Matias
 2009Skins (TV Series) 
Effy (2009) ... Bryan
 2009M.I.High (TV Series) 
Dr Vince
Think Tank (2009) ... Dr Vince
Radio News Report
 2008Adventures on Orsum Island (TV Series) 
The Stranger ... (voice)
 2007Sensitive Skin (TV Series) 
Here I Am (2007) ... Guest
 2007Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest (TV Movie) 
Caw / Squawk (voice)
 2006Extras (TV Series) 
BAFTA Executive
Chris Martin (2006) ... BAFTA Executive
 2006The IT Crowd (TV Series) 
Dr. Julian Holmes
Calamity Jen (2006) ... Dr. Julian Holmes
 2005Paris in the Springtime (Video) 
 2005Nighty Night (TV Series) 
Dr. Pinder
Episode #2.4 (2005) ... Dr. Pinder
Episode #2.2 (2005) ... Dr. Pinder
Episode #2.1 (2005) ... Dr. Pinder
 2005Nathan Barley (TV Series) 
Jez Ramchapple
Episode #1.1 (2005) ... Jez Ramchapple
 2003Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death (Video Game) 
Judge Dredd (voice)
 2000-2003Barbara (TV Series) 
Mike Burns
Neighbours (2003) ... Mike Burns
Baby (2002) ... Mike Burns
Sheep (2001) ... Mike Burns
Mum (2000) ... Mike Burns
Kids (2000) ... Mike Burns
 2001Pen Monkeys (TV Series) 
 2001RuneScape (Video Game) 
Azzanadra (voice)
 2000Human Remains (TV Series) 
Doctor Boxer
Hairless (2000) ... Doctor Boxer
 2000Secret Society 
Video Earth Woman
 1999Murder Most Horrid (TV Series) 
Estate Agent
Going Solo (1999) ... Estate Agent
 1996The Legacy of Reginald Perrin (TV Series) 
Radio DJ
Episode #1.7 (1996) ... Radio DJ
 1996The Office (TV Movie) 
 1996Next of Kin (TV Series) 
Eddy the DJ
Episode #2.7 (1996) ... Eddy the DJ
 1993Casualty (TV Series) 
PC in Hospital
Sunday, Bloody Sunday (1993) ... PC in Hospital

Big Finish audiobooks

Doctor Who main range

The Spectre of Lanyon Moor (as Professor Morgan/Sancreda/UNIT sentry)
The Apocalypse Element (as Monan Host)
The Fires of Vulcan (as Priest)
Sword of Orion (as Kelsey)
Colditz (as Julius Schäfer)
The Maltese Penguin (as Josiah W. Dogbolter)
The Dark Flame (as Broke)
Unregenerate! (as The Cabbie)
Spring (as Redklaw)
Autumn (As Jack)
The Wishing Beast (as Wishing Beast)
The Vanity Box (as Wishing Beast/Monsieur Coiffure)
The Chaos Pool (as Hectocot)

Lost Stories

The Nightmare Fair (as Yatsumoto/Truscott/Manager/Man)

Companion Chronicles

Old Soldiers (as Colonel Heinrich Konrad / Major Schrader)
Freakshow (as Thaddeus P. Winklemeyer / Berman Labazeen)

Doctor Who Unbound

Auld Mortality (as Badger)
Exile (as Time Lord 1)

Sarah Jane Smith

Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (as Taxi Driver 1)
Big Finish Bernice Summerfield Series

The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy (as Joggon)
Timeless Passages (as Samuel Wolfe)

Intervention Earth (as Min)


The Concrete Cage (as Construction workers)
Unto the Breach (as Klaus Werner / East German Soldier)

Warhammer audiobooks

Horus Rising (Novel) by Dan Abnett (unabridged)
False Gods (Novel) by Graham McNeill (unabridged)
Galaxy in Flames (Novel) by Ben Counter (unabridged)
Mechanicum (Novel) by Graham McNeill (unabridged)
After Desh'ea (Short Story) by Matthew Farrer
Audio Dramas
Raven's Flight (Audio Book) by Gav Thorpe
Garro: Oath of Moment (Audio Book) by James Swallow
Garro: Legion of One (Audio Book) by James Swallow
Garro: Sword of Truth (Audio Book) by James Swallow
Garro: Shield of Lies (Audio Book) by James Swallow
Grey Angel (Audio Book) by John French
Burden of Duty (Audio Book) by James Swallow
Warmaster (Audio Book) by John French
Strike and Fade (Audio Drama) by Guy Haley
Thief of Revelations (Audio Drama) by Graham McNeill
The Either (Audio Drama) by Graham McNeill
Dead in the Water (Audio Book) by Sandy Mitchell (Ciaphas Cain)
Doomseeker (Audio Book) by Nick Kyme (Space Wolves)
Fireborn (Audio Book) by Nick Kyme (Salamanders)
Heart of Rage (Audio Book) by James Swallow (Blood Angels)
Helion Rain (Audio Book) by George Mann (Raven Guard)
Thunder from Fenris (Audio Book) by Nick Kyme (Space Wolves)
Waiting Death (Audio Book) by Steve Lyons (Imperial Guard)
With Baited Breath (Audio Drama) by George Mann (Raven Guard)
The Kauyon (Audio Drama) by Andy Smillie
The Devil You Know (Audio Drama) by Sandy Mitchell (Ciaphas Cain)
Holder of the Keys (Audio Drama) by Gav Thorpe
Adeptus Mechanicus: Tech-Priest (Audio Book) by Rob Sanders


The Great North Road – Audiobook, Macmillan Publishing 2012
Terry Deary Tales: Egyptian, Viking, Victorian, Greek, Roman – Audiobook, AudioGo 2012
Undead Pets: Return of the Hungry Hamster & Revenge of the Phantom Furball - Audiobook
100 Objects in Dr Who - The Edge Picture Co, 2012
Warhammer - Video game audio, Big Finish Productions, 2012
'A Shed of One's Own: Midlife Without the Crisis' by Marcus Berkman, Book of the Week - Radio 4/Pier Productions, 2012
Audiobook: 'Oliver Twisted' by JD Sharpe - AudioGo, 2012
Audiobook: Peter Hamilton Trilogy - Rushforth Media, 2011
Terry Deary Pirate Tales - AudioGo, 2011Astrosaurs Audiobook series - BBC Audiobooks, 2011
The Pickerskill Report - BBC Radio 4, 2011
'Spacemutts: Fluffy Assasins from Mars & attack of the Ninja' - BBC Audiobooks, 2011
Ruth Jones' Spring Treat and Summer Special - Tidy Productions, 2011
Terry Deary's Tudor Tales - BBC Audiobooks, 2011
The Cornwell Estate - BBC Radio 4, 2010
'The School of Night: Demon Storm' by Justin Richards - BBC Audiobooks, 2010
The History of Obesity - Readings, BBC Radio 4, 2010
The Sarah Jane Adventures - Voice of Slitheen, BBC1, 2010
Trip Wire - BBC Audiobooks, 2010
The Now Show - BBC Radio 4, 2010
The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon - BBC Audiobooks, 2010
'Death Run' by Jack Higgins - BBC Audiobooks, 2010
Coleridge Poems & Letters - BBC Radio 3, 2010
Highlander Audiobooks - Big Finish Productions, 2010
Now You Know About...The Election - 2010
Crocs TV Commercial - Golley Slater, 2010
Lungworm Commercial - The Edge Picture Company, 2010
Terry Deary's Knights' Tales - BBC Audiobooks, 2010
Jackdaw Summer - BBC Audiobooks, 2010
Urgam & the Seat of Flames - BBC Audiobooks, 2010
Smokefree, Celebrity Quitter Idents - COI, 2009
Pope Joan Audiobook - Above The Title, 2009
Book of the Week - BBC Radio 4, 2009
The Hitchhikers Guide 30th Anniversary  Royal Albert Hall, 2009
Cliff Richard: My Life, My Way - Audiobook, 2009
What's The Story? - BBC Radio Wales, 2009
Frys English Delight  BBC Radio 4, 2009
The Mudds - CBBC, 2009
Revenge of the Cyberman: Cheques, Lies & Videotape  BBC, Dr Who Release, 2008
Now You Know About Explorers  DVD, Now You Know About series, 2008
Max Flush - BBC Audiobooks, 2008
Queen Victoria's Potty - BBC Audiobooks, 2008
HMS Mataphor: Call Me For A Quotation  BBC Radio 4, 2008
Spikes Lookalikes  BBC Radio 4, 2008
Super Loo and Max Flash - BBC Audiobooks, 2008
Savage Moon - BBC Audiobooks, 2008
The Economist - Audio Edition
Matter - Talking Issues Audiobooks, 2008
The Dreaming Void - Talking Issues Audiobooks, 2007
The History of Modern Britain  BBC Audiobooks, 2007
My Blue Wedding  BBC Radio 4, 2007
Futureshock: Judge Dredd Documentary  BBC Radio4, 2007
Now You Know About  Educational DVD, 2007
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency  BBC Radio 4, 2007
Ying Tong, A Walk With the Goons  BBC Radio 4, 2007
Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest  BBC1, 2007
Totally Dr Who  BBC1, 200r
Ha Ha Art  BBC Radio 4, 2006
Its Been a Bad Week  BBC Radio 4, 2002-2005
Jack Rosenthals Last Act  BBC Radio 4, 2006
My Blue Heaven  BBC Radio 4, 2006
The Big Toes Radio Show  BBC7, 2005
Its Been a Bad Week (5 Series)  BBC Radio 4, (5 Series), 2002-2005
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy  BBC Radio 4, 2003-2005
Wheelers Fortune and Wheelers Wonder  BBC Radio 4, 2003
Double Income No Kids Yet  BBC Radio 4, 2001
The Nimmo Twins  BBC Radio 4, 2000
The Treatment - Radio Five Live, 1996-2001
Life Death & Sex with Mike & Sue - BBC Radio 4, 1998-99
Weekending - BBC, 1991-1996
Rent - BBC Radio, 1992-1993



The Cornwell Estate - BBC Online, 2010


Misconception - Assembly Hall, Edinburgh Festival, 2010
Superheroes  Pleasance Upstairs, 2006
To Kill A Mockingbird - Colchester Mercury Theatre, 2004
Triumph of Love - Colchester Mercury Theatre, 2004
Macbeth - Colchester Mercury Theatre, 2004
All My Sons - Colchester Mercury Theatre, 2003
The White Devil - Colchester Mercury Theatre, 2003
Three Sisters - Colchester Mercury Theatre, 2003
Goodness Gracious Me - National Tour, 1999
Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, Merry Wives of Windsor - R.S.C. 1996-1998
The Rubber Bishops - Double Act with Bill Bailey, 1984-1988


Lloyds TSB Mortgage Referrals Film - The Edge Picture Company, 2010
Freedom of Information Act  The Edge Picture Company, 2008
BT Openreach  Reel Stories, 2008
Oxford University Press, Language Learning The Edge Picture Company, 2007
PriceWaterhouse Cooper  The Edge Picture Company, 2006



Staples - 2008
Telefonica  2008
Ambrosia Creamed Rice - 1999
Ikea Stop Being So English - 1999
Online Gambling Canada - 1999
MacDonalds Where do Babies Come From  1999


• Hazel Eyes and Mid Brown Hair
• Height 6'0
• Playing Age 40-45
• Extensive range of accents and impressionist skills
• Compere and After Dinner Speaker experience
• Puppetry, ventriloquist and Magician skills
• Voice over and Audio books